We are proudly started Medical Tourism as a facilitator. For the past 10 years Life Care Home Health Services experience based; We are involving this Service. Health Care has become India’s largest sector especially Medical Tourism. India has been an Incubator for Innovations and Healthcare over the years. India is one of the best Medical Tourism providers in the World. The Indian Government provides online Visa and multiple entry extension of Stay. This is very useful for the overstay patient.

Life care Medical Tourism is dedicated to the passion of healing. Our primary aim is to serve our patient full of satisfaction for their medical requirements. Our Doctors, Nurses and others are take care of the patients like a Human base care and Hospitality Services. We are providing treatment and necessary tests are Economically based especially the patients condition.

We designed our patients care of methods is used for modern world under all aminites including accommodation. We added, our patients Health based Medical Tourism in and around the cities and states which is recommended by the doctors for their Health and Peace of Mind .

We have a well planned Medical Care from the patient, arrival to their departure. Our final word is, "Don’t take any Tension; We the Life Care Tourism is with You, for all and your Peace."


R. Balaji , Geriatric Health care (CGHC)

Dialysis Technologist & Medical Sociology,

(Admin & CEO)

K.M. Jagadeeshwari, B.Sc Nursing,

(Nursing Admin & Patient Relationship Officer)

T. Michael George, B.A DOM,

( Medical Tourism - PRO )